sublimation t shirt

Polyester is very popular for sports because it dries quickly.When it comes to heat transfer polyester,there are some tips:

1,Test the fabric to get suitable temperature

Temperature is important for heating transfer.How to know what temperature is good.The only way is to test it.Getting a sample of polyester fabric,setting a low temperature like 290F and press a small piece of fabric.If it will not scorch,then up to 300F,press a small piece.Did it melt?No?Up to 310F,press a small piece of fabric.Did it scorch?Yes?Then you know what temperature is good at fabric.For most polyester fabric perfect temperature is less than 300F,some polyester fabric is more sensitive than others and require as low as 280F to not scorch.

2,Choose right paper and ink

There are different types of polyester fabric,such as 100% polyester,70% polyester,50% polyester etc.For 100% and 70% polyester,it is no problem to use regular sublimation ink and paper with Sawgrass printer.when it is less than 50% polyester,it is better to change dye ink and heat transfer paper.

3,Use thin cover sheets

In order to protect fabric melt or dirty,we also use cover sheets on fabric during heat printing.Thicker silicon pads can help reduce scorching on polyester fabrics.But this also preventing enough heating is getting to your transfer fabric.

sublimation mugs

It is never easy to make a perfect coated mug.

Step 1: Raw Materials

a) Concrete: made of different clays

b) Blender : mix with different materials then mill

c) Squeeze: remove extra water of materials & slurry strip

d) Cylindrical slurry raw material

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Step 2: Raw Mug Body

a) Mug body: put cylindrical raw material into mug mould, fix into punching machine

b) Handle: put cylindrical raw material into handle mould, wait it air dry

c) Repair handle: make sure handle shape, size and smoothness

d) Connect handle with body: make sure a good match

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Step 3:Bake Raw Mug Body

a) Repair raw mug body

b) Dry naturally : few days

c) Glaze: different mugs different glaze

d) Kiln burning: 6 to 8 hours

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Step 4: Wash Raw Mugs & Spray Coating

a) Wash each mug by filtered water to remove the dust

b) Spray coating

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Step 5:Quality Control

a) Classify different grades

b) Print test

c) Boil test

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It is easy to start sublimation business,with a few sets equipment and a little budget,you can have your own personalization shop and running in no time.If you don’t have time to run,you can hire one employee to handle.One of my clients has her own job,but she is very interested in sublimation business,she rents different moving vehicles and hire one employee for each vehicle to start sublimation printing business.

Now let us see what do you need?

1,Sublimation Printer
We highly recommend Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 and SG800,these two printers are powerful,vivid color.However,some customers said they don’t have enough budget to purchase Sawgrass printer,then we suggest Epson L805 printer with refill ink.Both pritners will enable you to customized different products such as mugs,photo slates,coasters,pillow covers,mousepads and so much more.

2,Sublimation ink
Sublimation ink is different with standard inkjet ink. It must be heat activated for colors to transfer into the item. You must use a specialized printer driver, software, or color profile embedded within the document for correct output.You could put sublimation inks into any inkjet printer but without a professionally made colour management system,you will not get vibrant pure colours. This is because the printer has it’s own profiles which anticipate that you will be using the manufacturer’s own ink – if you use dye sublimation inks the colours need adjusting as these inks are not identical to the manufacturer’s own inks.

3,Sublimation paper
Sublimation paper is necessary for the ink to transfer onto the substrates,it is designed to release as much as the printed image as possible from the sheet. 

4,Thermal Tape
Thermal tape is also necessary to transfer image onto the substrates,otherwise,the image paper will move when you press.

5,Heat Press or Mug Press
For flat items such as plaques, coasters, tiles, garments, etc, you will need a flat bed heat press. For sublimation printing mugs of various size (including latte shapes) and round money banks you can use a mug press which is purpose designed to print around cylindrical items.If your printing working not too much and want to save your budget at the begining,you can consider to take 8 in 1 combo press machine,it included Heater size:Diameter φ7.5~9cm or φ5~7.5 for Mug;Diameter 12cm and 15cm for Plate;Diameter 30X38cm for Flat;Diameter 14X8.5cm for Hat;Cone-shape mug heater for 12oz and 17oz latte mugs

6,Sublimation Blanks
You have got your printer,must haves,heat press or mug press,and now you need some blanks to start customized.Some beginner asked us “can i print on regular mugs” It is sure can’t.Only products are made of polyester or have a special coating can be sublimated.All of our blanks are with coating that ready to be sublimated.

7,Computer & Software
The last thing is to install design software included photoshop,Corel Draw on your computer.